BlackPink’s summer diary in Hawaii available in pre-sale

By Nadine Kam I

BlackPink was on Oahu in mid-July to film various activities over a few days for a travelog, “BLACKPINK Summer Diary: In Hawaii.” At the time, I wrote a story for the Honolulu Star-Advertiser about their activities.

Group members Jennie Kim, Jisoo Kim, Rosé (Park Chae-young) and Lisa Manoban posted dozens of photos from the Kahala Hotel, where fans also spotted and photographed them swimming with dolphins.

This image of Jennie kissing the dolphin Hua appeared on her IG account.

Well, YG Entertainment just announced the release of a photobook package, “2019 BLACKPINK’s Summer Diary (In Hawaii),” with photos and videos of the group vacationing in Hawaii (they’re always working vacations) after completing their first world tour. It must be noted that they kept smiles on their faces (mostly) even though some weren’t feeling well.

Rosé was feeling ill and posted these images to her IG, referring to, “A sick balloon for a sick Rosie.”

The photo book is available for pre-order through Sept. 8 KST on for $62.99. It will be officially released on Sept. 9.

YG artists regularly release winter season films and photobooks. This project marks its first summer season product.

BT21: The children of BTS

By Nadine Kam

I was having breakfast with friends when one started talking about some cute character items she found that happened to be from Line Friend’s BT21 collection. She had no idea that the line was connected to BTS, and I thought that might be true of any non-K-popper who discovers the collection at random.

The collection of seven characters created by each BTS member—plus Van, created by Line Friends based on input by BTS to represent their fandom, Army—debuted Sept. 26, 2017 and became an instant hit.

There are 13 episodes in a video series that details the making of the BT21
Line Friends and BTS collaboration collection.

The launch marked the first time in the character industry that all members of a group actively participated in the entire process of creating unique characters. It was a detail brought up in the group’s initial meeting with Line Friends, when the group members were tasked with drawing the sketches that were eventually turned into the characters. Suga, who had difficulty drawing, mentioned that usually they are given shortcut templates or items to review.

Jin is often spotted traveling with his “son” RJ close at hand.

This time, BTS drew sketches and also came up with the distinct personalities, preferences and values of their characters. It’s the reason they think of their characters as their children and are very attached and protective of them.

The characters now grace all manner of merchandise, but when shown the various item ideas, BTS members were most excited about having pajamas imprinted with their characters!

Here are the characters and their characteristics:

BT21 characters, clockwise from top left: Tata, Chimmy, Mang, Van,
Koya, Shooky, Cooky and RJ.

Tata: From BT Planet, this heart-headed alien is very curious about everything. Created by V (Kim Tae-hyung).

Chimmy: Is the passionate puppy who tries hard at everything. Created by Park Ji-min.

Mang: Is the masked dancing pony with a heart-shaped nose, who brings hope into the BT21 universe. Created by J-Hope (Jung Ho-seok).

Van: The space robot, representative of the BTS Army, is the protector of BT21.

Koya: The smart, sleepy koala who is always thinking when awake. Created by Rapmon (Kim Nam-Soon).

Shooky: A mischievous cookie who is a close companion to Cooky, and scared of milk. Face by Suga (Min Yoon-gi).

Cooky: A cuddly pink bunny who dreams of being strong. Created by Jungkook (Jeon Jung-kook).

RJ: A kind and polite alpaca who wears a thick parka because he gets cold easily.

There’s no Line Friends store in Hawaii, but pockets of BT21 merch can be found at stores like Hot Topic, and above, N.Cat boutique at 735 Keeaumoku St. #112.
Recently, ABC Stores at Ala Moana Center introduced a line of Mediheal 5-point masks created with the BT21 characters. A box with four sheets of five spot masks 
like the Tata ones I’m wearing sells for $11.99.