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Nadine Kam

Anyeong, I’m Nadine Kam, best known as a Honolulu-based fashion, food and lifestyle journalist/blogger. If you read my blog origin story, you’ll learn the background of how my interest in K-pop came to be.

As for this particular blog, anyone who’s familiar with K-pop knows that its fandoms can feel something like a cult or religion, and non-converts cannot relate to it. In fact, they generally don’t want to hear about K-pop and you can feel them inching away when you do start talking about the subject.

At some point, because I talked about it so much, fellow writer/blogger Melissa Chang suggested I start a blog.

Impossible, I thought. As a newcomer to the K-pop world, I had virtually no knowledge of its history or players. I only knew SHINee because of the tragic loss of one of its members, Jonghyun. I had nothing to say.

But BTS’s rise in the United States became another factor revealing the extent of xenophobia in this country. Suddenly I had a lot to say about the intersection of pop culture and politics, and thought I could help to bridge the gap between fans and non-fans who seem to be so perplexed by BTS’s seemingly overnight rise to prominence, and want to understand K-pop’s sway over its audience.

So, you can expect to read some of that, in addition to some more basic, adolescent fan-girling. 😍

From time to time, I might even toss in a little of Korean cultural content regarding food, fashion and beauty.


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