Kim Tae-hyung

V’s ‘Scenery’ of life

By Nadine Kam I

Like Jimin before him, BTS’s V (Kim Tae-hyung) has released a self-composed song, “Scenery,” this time just ahead of the Lunar New Year, on Jan. 30.

An avid photographer, V expressed the bittersweet feeling of those beautiful, precious moments in life that pass all too soon, in a slow-tempo, song with his signature melancholy low, breathy vocals, expressing the desire to capture those moments in memory and on film. 

The song has available as a free download on Soundcloud. You can find it here

As usual, the song is so beautiful, I felt compelled to make a video for the first part of it. The song itself is nearly 5 minutes long and I recommend turning up the volume to listen to it.

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