First member of Big Hit’s new group TXT revealed

By Nadine Kam I

In my previous post, I mentioned the excitement over Big Hit Entertainment’s plans to launch a new boy band, building on the success of BTS.

While I expected a spring music launch, it looks like the company will be gradually introducing TXT, short for Tomorrow X Together, members one at a time over the course of weeks.

The first to be being revealed one at a time, starting with eldest member Yeonjun, 19, first to be officially introduced on Jan. 11.

The philosophy behind the group’s formation is described as “You and I, different but together. We explore one dream.”

Yeonjun, the first of Big Hit’s new boy band to be revealed,
is being described as a great dancer.

If it’s one thing Big Hit has learned with BTS, it’s that fans are looking for connection and being part of something bigger than themselves. BTS has always practiced inclusiveness, talking about their ARMY fandom, giving credit to fans for helping them achieve success, and addressing ARMY through their social feeds.

BTS and ARMY share one dream of the group’s success, mutual happiness and helping others, and they are accomplishing it together. It is something that evolved over time, but Big Hit seems to be making that level of inclusiveness and fan involvement part of TXT’s DNA.

Here’s an introductory video to Yeonjun:

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