Jimin Promise

Jimin’s new year ‘Promise’

By Nadine Kam

ARMY got the best late Christmas or New Year’s gift possible when Jimin released his first solo acoustic song, “Promise,” just after midnight in Seoul on Dec. 31.

Created for himself and his fandom, he sings about wanting to “be your light,” though with the knowledge he can’t be there for everyone who needs him, and asking fans in return to make a pinkie promise to also be your own light and when times get hard, “don’t abandon yourself” or “don’t throw yourself away,” depending on various translations.

Fans knew the song was coming as he alluded to working on it while filming Season 3 of “Bon Voyage,” but didn’t know his timeline for its release.

“Everyone, you’ve waited a long time, right?” wrote Jimin on Twitter to accompany the song’s release on Soundcloud as a free download. “I finally shared my own song with the public. This is a song for me, as it is a song for you. It’s the first time and it is still premature but please enjoy it. Thank you for waiting, ARMY.”

I put together this video for “Promise” to showcase Jimin’s sweet nature
to go along with his sweet vocals.
Jimin, right, with Taehyung, is known for being teased by his fans and hyung because of his cute, tiny pinky. So on Twitter, many ARMYs responded by posting photos of their own pinkies as their “Promise” to Jimin to live up to his words.

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